What you need to know before selling your house!

Selling your house in a seller’s market is very exciting and can be very profitable if you are in the right situation.  If you bought your home around 2009 to 2013 you probably got your house at a great deal and chances are that your house is worth much more than what you have bought it for.  This is great news and can have you seeing $$$.  Not so fast!  Selling your house can come with some big costs, and I want to point them out to you so you can make an informed decision.  Let’s say you bought a house between 2009 – 2013 and it was for $200,000 and now with the market and demand your house could be worth $250,000 – 300,000.  Here are the costs associated with a house sold at $300,000.

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Costs (estimate):

  • Sellers Real Estate Broker Commision: 3% or $9000
  • Buyers Real Estate Broker Commision: 3% or $9000
  • Other Broker Fees (if any):  $0
  • Title Fee (depends on Title Company) $900 estimate
  • Title Insurance (depends on Title company) $1100 estimate
  • Transfer Taxes (depends on Property) $2600

Total Estimated Costs: $22600

Other Costs(estimate):

  • Moving Van: $70/day
  • Storage Unit: $150/ mo (first month free)
  • Professional Cleaning: $100
  • Staging: (depends on the house)
  • etc

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As you can see the costs can add up quickly.  This is the reason that I want you to be smart about selling your house.  Yes, you have accumulated value in your home but don’t just turn around and give that money to someone else.  With me, George Davis from National Realty Centers, you have a flat sellers broker fee of only $2000 when you also purchase your next house with me.  Also with me, we can set the buying broker fee at 2.5% or $7500 for a house at $300,000.  Save yourself around $8500 by selling your home with me.  What can you do with $8500 savings?  You can put $8500 more down on your next house, you can make some significant updates to your next house with $8500, or go on vacation.  Think of all your options.

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