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Berkley MI

If you own a house in Berkley, MI right now you might need to pinch yourself.  The housing market in Berkley, MI is so hot right now.  Houses are selling within days at or above asking.  I had to find out just how crazy the market was in Berkley.  So I ran a report on the MLS for houses that have sold or have gone into contract within the last 30 days under $300,000.  What I found is mind blowing.

Here is the report:

Berkley Mi Realtor

The first 40 out of 54 houses in this criteria have all gone into contract within an average of 3 days from their list date.  Year to date there has been 79 house sold in Berkley and there are currently 37 waiting to close.  This is the same in other hot areas such as Royal Oak, Troy, Rochester, etc.   This market makes a realtor’s job very easy, just get the listing and you are almost guaranteed to make your commission.  So in a supply and demand world, with demand so high right now why use the big name realtors when selling your house?  Seems like you should be looking for someone who is knowledgeable, helpful, understands the market, and is willing to negotiate the cost of their service. 

Finding A Realtor

Shocked at commissionsWhen you are looking for realtor, ask them if they are willing negotiate their commission.  Ask them if they are willing to take a flat fee for selling your house.  See if they are willing to negotiate the buyers broker commission?  Double check if their broker charges any other fees on top of the 3% commission.  These are usually hidden and you will have to read the fine print. 

Let me sell your house

This is why I became a realtor.  Let me save you money and let you keep what you have earned in your house value.  I only charge a flat fee, for selling your house.  Read my blog on what you need to know before selling your house.  Stop Giving your money away and call me today!!!